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Hitachi D13 1/2" Drill

Hitachi D13 1/2

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Hitachi D13 1/2" Drill

The Drill replaces bulky sectional sewer machines.

The Hitachi D13 1/2" Drill drills various metals, woods, and plastics.

Features: Hitachi D13 1/2" Spade Handle Drill 6.2 Amp, Reversible
  • 6.2 Amp motor, ideal for long term use and maximum power
  • Reversible drilling, allowing for quick removal from materials and higher efficiency
  • 3-position side handle, increases operability and control
  • 2-position rear D-handle, offers greater maneuverability and balance
  • Industrial chuck, for heavy-duty use and maintenance free operation
  • Auto stop carbon brush, protects the armature and ensures the long life of the tool
  • Preferred for drilling large holes in metal, wood and various plastics
  • This Drill is capable of turning sectional cable with the appropriate fitting.
All Star Equipment Sales carries a wide variety of new and used equipment, if the D13 Drill is not what you are looking for feel free to contact us at 636-544-5429.

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