MIFAB MCL-G-4 Hydro Mechanical Grease Interceptor

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MIFAB - 1291
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MIFAB MCL-G-4 Hydro Mechanical Grease Interceptor

Regularly manufactured with an electrostatically applied baked powder coating and supplied with an external, vented, flow control fitting.

Modifications are not available to dimensions of product.
Choose MIFAB's Ml-G Hydro Mechanical Grease Interceptor Series when integral extensions, anchor flanges, and other optional variations are required.

MIFAB Series MCL-G 0-7 sanitary powder epoxy coated inside and outside fabricated 14 gauge steel grease interceptor with flow rating of 4-100 gpm and grease holding capacity of 8-200 lbs.

Unit shall include removable baffle assembly and cross bar, deep seal trap covered by lid, sewer gas stopper, securing bolt(s), external vented flow control fitting, internal air relief bypass, feet underneath interceptor to elevate it to 1/2" off the ground, and steel powder epoxy coated, non skid, rectangular gasketed lid(s). Interceptor shall be tested and certified to the P.D.I. Standard PDI-G101 and be so marked.

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