Liberty 442-25A-EYE

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Product Overview

Liberty’s StormCell™ battery back-up pumps provide uninterrupted flood control for your basement in the event of a power outage or main pump failure. These highly advanced 12 volt backup pump systems are available as standard models or with optional NightEye™ wireless technology. With NightEye™ enabled models, you have one of the most advanced pump systems on the market - providing intelligent monitoring via the NightEye™ app and real time notifications via text message, email or push notification

442-25A Series High-output System 25 AMP Dual Battery FEATURES: • Energy efficient 12V DC Pump (Manufactured in the USA by Liberty Pumps) • Heavy-duty fan cooled 25 amp charger. (Can run as a continuous power supply for the backup pump in the event of a main pump failure) • Suitable with Wet Cell, AGM or gel-type batteries • Dual battery box accommodates (2) Group 27 or 31 batteries • Microprocessor controlled with energy efficient Switch Mode Technology • Remote wall-mount user interface with LCD display • Audio alarm (features a self-reset after silence) • Super-bright red LED alarm ring • 9-volt battery backup – operates alarm in standby mode for up to 72 hours • Alarm and pump test buttons • Green LED AC power light and audible notification of power lost • Blue LED Pump-Run light • Auxiliary contacts (24VDC, 100 mA max.) • Compact “snap-on” activation float with integral alarm float (fits 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" pipe) • High water float acts as a redundant “on” float for the pump • Tee and fittings for standard installations

Wireless Enabled Both the 10 amp and 25 amp systems are available with optional wireless enabled technology. The NightEyeTM cloud-based system provides constant monitoring of your backup pump – providing you instant information to your smart device - anywhere in the world. Notifications: • Backup pump activation • High water level alarm • AC power lost • WiFi connection lost (system utilizes a smart wireless connection monitor to prevent nuisance notifications) • Blown fuse or DC pump failure • 12-volt battery charge levels • Critically low battery warning • Basement temperature level warning (user sets temperature warning level) Other Features: • No subscription or user fees (message and data rates may apply) • System works through your home’s wireless router • Simple and easy connection using BlinkUpTM technology. • 9-volt battery backup on control device will operate for up to 12 hours in active alarm mode and 7 days in standby mode • Silence or test alarm remotely from your smart device    (detailed literature link copy and paste in url search)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review